We hebben weer een nieuw cosplay interview voor jullie! Dit maal met de Engelstalige Jess, ook wel bekend als Cosplay Pulse. Zij is 23 jaar en naast het cosplayen gamet ze graag, is ze vaak in de sportschool te vinden en houdt ze van lekker eten.

When did you start cosplaying?

I started cosplaying in 2014!

Who inspired you?

It’s not a matter of who, for me it’s what! I started cosplaying because of my love for anime! I was looking up some characters from an anime and there it was. I saw people dressed up as those characters and immediately I wanted to do that too!

What was your first cosplay?

Asuna from Sword art online!

Do you create everything yourself?

Not everything, my goal for this year is to make more things myself!

Do you also accept commissions and do you create costumes or props for others?

Yes I do! Mainly just for friends since I don’t feel like the outcomes of the wigs/props are at such a high standard I can actually ask money for it!

If so, what’s your favourite commission so far?

I must say I am really proud of my Bowsette and Boo-ette wig!

What is your favourite character to cosplay?

I think my fave character that i’ve done recently is Cammy from street fighter!

Do you feel different when you cosplay?

I kinda do, more confident and actually seen!

Foto: Philip Romeyn (PGB Photographer)

Did you ever meet the actor or actress of the character you cosplayed?

I have never met the actor/ actress of any character i’ve cosplayed.

Which actors and/or actresses that you’ve cosplayed before would you like to meet in person?

I would love to meet Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn from BOP!

What cosplay is still on your wishlist?

Ugh, I have sooo many! But I would love to do a Neon Genesis Plug suit in latex!

What are things you should never say to a cosplayer?

Just hating on the character they are cosplaying, like criticism is okay if they ask for it but don’t just bluntly go hate on their cosplay!

How do you deal with uncredited photos of your cosplays?

Comment under the uncredited photo and kindly ask to credit the people otherwise take it higher-up!

What (cosplay) event is your favourite to attend?

All of em! I don’t go to these events for the event itself, I go for the people!

Did you ever participate in a cosplay competition?

Yeah I have!

What’s your favourite thing about the cosplay community?

That it’s always expanding!

Did you make lots of new friends through cosplay?

Yeah a shit ton!

What is your favourite memory in relation to cosplay?

Just being around people with the same hobby and fangirling over the same characters!

What do you people close to you think about your cosplays?

That they are too lewd and sexy.

Do you have any advice for people who would like to start cosplaying and have no idea where to start?

Pick a character! just start somewhere, watch YouTube tutorials or just look up the costume online! Cosplay now-a-days is so much more accessible!

Thank you, Jenn! Meer weten over haar cosplayavonturen? Volg haar dan nu op één van haar social media kanalen:


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