Meiden beginnen langzaam uit te blinken in de online (eSports) games. Zo hadden we recentelijk de World of Warcraft speelster Hafu. Nu kunnen we berichten over een uitblinker in China genaamd Colagirl. In China werd een WCG (World Cyber Games) Female competitie gehouden voor de game Warcraft. Colagirl heeft het tegen de meiden in haar groep opgenomen en een weg gemaakt naar de finale. Op de website is er een interview gehouden met deze winnares.Hieronder hebben we een stukje uit het interview (Engels):

After your match with Xiao Cang meimei, it was noted in the forums that “Those having a discussion with Cola after the match were girls and those with Xiao Cang were guys.” What was the actual situation then?Not really. After the match many people including both guys and girls came to congratulate me. I am very grateful towards those who have helped me. My clan, WC didi (little brother), Mana didi, Xiao2 and our leader Onda from our male division. Without them my current results would have been impossible. Special thanks goes to Nono as well. She was encouraging and spurring me on when I had no confidence in myself.
As China’s top female Warcraft gamer, you received numerous accolades. You were a role model who inspired me to pick up Warcraft. I’ve learnt that you found a side job. Do you have any plans to find a disciple to impart your knowledge and skills to? Or do you have any expectations of the future?I have played Warcraft for so long and experienced bitterness and hardship. Even up till now I still cherish this period of time when I am playing Warcraft as it is my favourite game. I have retired because of some problems at work but it will not change my love for Warcraft. Compared to other gosus, I still have a long way to go, therefore I wouldn’t even dare to think of accepting disciples. But I enjoy making friends and welcome anyone to play with me.

Om het hele interview te lezen, klik dan even hier.

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