Wie kent ze niet s’ werelds meest bekende female counterstrike team [flag]se[/flag]Les Seules. Les Seules maakte vandaag bekend samen te gaan spelen met het Zweedse team [flag]se[/flag]Eyeballers. Enige tijd was het al stil rondom Les Seules sinds de opnames van hun reality soap. Ze kwamen tijdens het ESWC 2007 al met andere gezichten in hun line up spelen. De officiele statement van AurorA:

“We have decided to make it official, even though for a couple of months now the two teams have gone into a mutual co-operation of practicing together. The reason it has taken such a long time to come to this decision is due to the fact that many teams these days don’t really take the time to get to know their future players before taking them into the team. We have seen time and time again, that quick signups for the team don’t always last as long as one hopes. This time round, we have taken the time to get to know each other both inside and outside the game. We pretty much tested the water before diving in, with the result that we have found 6 girls that share the common goals, skills and desire to kick butt.”

Het team zal voorzetten met de volgende meiden in het team:[flag]dk[/flag]Louise “AurorA” Thomsen,[flag]se[/flag]Sophie “Inzane” Regnér,[flag]se[/flag]Sofie “nisse” Adolfsson,[flag]no[/flag]Anette “cazzidy” Skarderud,[flag]se[/flag]Sofi “Sophie” Byström,[flag]se[/flag]Frida “Pinglan” Lundström[flag]se[/flag]Sofie “zelena” SandagerOp de website van Femina United hebben ze een aantal vragen gesteld aan AurorA, een vraag uit het interview:

The line-up currently consists of 7 strong players. Are there any “core” players, and how is rotating the playing schedule done?I would say the line-up consists of 6 strong players at this point in time. Zelena is more of our helper with the more administrative side, and from time to time she will jump in and play if we ever need her. We have 2 core players that play all maps – 1 is the tactical and in-game leader, the second is the strongest player aim-wise on the team. 3, 4, 5 and 6th players rotate to each sit off a map. I sit off Inferno for example.

Lees hier het volledige bericht en interview.

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