De zomer is zo goed als voorbij en daarmee word het de hoogste tijd om weer eens actief bezig te gaan met gamen. [flag]nl[/flag] digitalMind heeft bekend gemaakt dat ze een aantal veranderingen in hun team hebben doorgevoerd. Deze keer gaat het niet om een wisseling van 1 of 2 personen, maar er is bijna een compleet nieuw team om digitalMind te vertegenwoordigen.Allereerst heeft speler Tom “tommeh” Nijenhuis besloten te stoppen met het actief spelen van Counter-Strike om zich meer te richten op zijn sociale leven. Daarnaast zal speler Dennis “muh” van Maurik stoppen omdat hij verhuist naar Duitsland en daarom niet meer in staat is om actief te spelen. De laatste 2 heren die we niet meer zullen zien in digitalMind zijn Dennis “seezung” Seesing en Mike “trx” Degger.Hiervoor in de plaats komen 3 spelers uit het team van [flag]be[/flag] defusekids. Een aantal hiervan hebben al eens eerder voor digitalMind gespeeld, maar Ivan “Apollo” Wuddhisukhum, Yannik “Luce” Bindo, Ferdi “xire” Senel en Nordien “minto” de Jong zijn de nieuwste aanwinsten voor het team.De verse line-up ziet er als volgt uit:- [flag]nl[/flag] Roy “r0y” Gerristen- [flag]nl[/flag] Ferdi ” xire” Senel- [flag]nl[/flag] Nordien ” minto” de Jong- [flag]be[/flag] Ivan ” Apollo” Wuddhisukhum- [flag]be[/flag] Yannick ” Luce” BindoRondom deze grote wisseling van spellers is er door digitalMind een statement naar buiten gebracht. [toggle=Statement]

Past, present & future– Counter-Strike team changes drastically and adds four Defusekids players –

Hilversum – The Netherlands, 27th August 2007 – DigitalMind, a competitive gaming team based in the Benelux region and active in the game Counter-Strike announces a complete, revived Counter-Strike team. Enthusiasm and passion are vital parts of DigitalMind. After the 2007 Electronic Sports World Cup, our organization was briefly informed by Tom Nijenhuis (19) and Dennis van Maurik (20) that they had decided to quit competitive Counter-Strike, in order to focus on real life commitments. It would be a lie if we told you that it came as a shock, the passion and enthusiasm floated away since a couple of months but we are grateful for their efforts and commitment while representing our organization. We examined different solutions to be prepared for the second half of 2007 after the retirement of our dear friends. It wasn’t a decision we took lightly as we had had great experiences with this team. It brought joy to all of us and we’ll always look back to this period with a smile. As an organization, we have to be continuously improving. Therefore, we needed to find a suitable solution to raise the bar of competitive gaming in the Netherlands. We came to an agreement with former Defusekids players; Ivan Wuddhisukhum (21), Yannik Bindo (19) and Ferdi Senel (21) to complete our roster with two of Netherland’s finest Counter-Strike players, Roy Gerritsen (22) and Nordien De Jong (20) who come back from a period of inactivity. This leaves Dennis Seesing (19) and Mike Degger (17) in an unpleasant situation as both players have to leave our organization as no other solution was possible. We are very sorry to report this because both players mean a lot to us, they are valuable cyberathletes for any organization but a solution between them and the players stated above was not possible at this moment. At the infancy of this new worldwide sport, we must realize that we’ve to be fully prepared to go all the way, practicing countless hours to perform at our very best. Therefore, it is from utmost importance that we are represented by career-driven perfectionists to be prepared to match ourselves with top competitors around the globe. I. Wuddisukhum and Y. Bindo will move to the Netherlands in the near future, clearly a proof that they’re eager to bring their talent to another dimension and that they have the determination and motivation to go on, truly the profile of true cyberathletes. DigitalMind will be presented henceforth;Ivan ‘Apollo’ WuddhisukhumYannik ‘luce’ BindoNordien ‘minto’ De JongRoy ‘r0y’ GerritsenFerdi ‘xire’ SenelWe hope that you’ll give our new players a warm welcome. As last, DigitalMind wishes our former Counter-Strike players the very best in their further lives and wants to express that we are very grateful for their dedication and work. Thanks for being a great personality and a friend to many within DigitalMind.[/toggle] Wij wensen de heren van digitalMind veel success met hun nieuwe line-up!

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