Elk jaar wordt er door Blizzard, een van de grootste spelontwikkelaars (met namen zoals Starcraft, Warcraft en WoW), een event georganiseerd genaamd Blizzcon. Dit jaar zal het plaats vinden in [flag]de[/flag] Anaheim in Duitsland. Kaarten zijn helaas uitverkocht. Op dit evenement worden er tournooien gehouden, lopen er mensen in pakken zoals bijvoorbeeld een Tauren uit WoW rond en word er ook limited merchandise verkocht. Ook zijn er een paar originele wedstrijden zoals meezingen met nummers uit de games en het maken van wallpapers. Ook kunnen mensen tijdens dit event langsgaan bij Blizzard als ze een baan zouden willen bij deze organisatie.De gegevens: Event: BlizzCon 2007Location: Anaheim Convention Center800 West Katella Ave.Anaheim, CA 92802 Price: $100.00 Date: August 3rd – 4th Status: SOLD OUT BlizzCon is a celebration of the Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo franchises and the players who have helped make them so popular around the world. Gamers from all over the world come together to enjoy many fun activities and to learn more about Blizzard’s products. Don’t miss out on this amazing event! Join gamers ages 4 and older from all over the world for two days of everything Blizzard! Among the many exciting activities scheduled, attendees will enjoy viewing our many titles; discussion panels with Blizzard developers; artist and developer signings; competitive and casual tournaments for players; World of Warcraft® Trading Card Game tournaments and demos; costume, machinima, and character sound-alike contests with great prizes; commemorative merchandise; a silent auction; and live orchestral performances of music from Blizzard games.Tournaments:We are excited to unveil the tournaments at this year’s BlizzCon, which will take place August 3–4 in Anaheim. The qualifying players and teams from the North American, European, and Asian regional finals for both Warcraft III: Season 5 and the World of Warcraft Arena Tournament will compete in the global finals for these events. Don’t miss the thrilling player-vs.-player action taking place in the world of Azeroth. Additionally, we will invite the top StarCraft players in the world to participate in the second BlizzCon StarCraft Invitational. Come see battle-tested veterans compete against promising challengers in these exciting eSports. We hope you’ll follow our tournament coverage of the events as these elite players showcase their talent and skill!

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