Een DotA dames team dat mee doet aan de HTGN pro divisie, een dames team wat onlangs gevormd werd. De dames komen uit teams zoals SK gaming, MeetYourMakers en JMC. Een groep spelers die dus zeker niet onderschat mag worden. Excuse Me Miss! Zoals de dames zichzelf noemen werd recent geïnterviewd door Het is vrij uitgebreid interview en er staan interessante details in over de DotA dames en er wordt in gegaan op een aantal spelende vragen. Een korte preview:

Het team bestaat uit de volgende dames, op de foto’s van links naar rechts:- [flag]eu[/flag] Caryl ‘Aeris’ Quintana- [flag]ca[/flag] Jenny ‘Ashe’ Kwok – [flag]us[/flag] Neha ‘Rinoa’ Nair – [flag]us[/flag] Eva Marie ‘Selphie’ Mok- [flag]us[/flag] Kristina ‘Shelke’ Chin- [flag]ar[/flag] Daniela M. ‘Tifa’ LopezWhy did you change your team name?I was tired of people asking if we named ourselves PpG because of that warcraft girl Cassandra. Also, I’m the highest level on GGC now- level 18. You have to be level 25 I believe to create a clan. I found out there is another team Powerpuff Girls from the Phillipines. They had already made the clan on GGC and I’ve played with some of them. We decided Powerpuff Girls is too generic so we brainstormed for almost two days for a new name and tag. It seems that Miss* has been placed in HTGN Pro, how do you feel about this? What other leagues will the team be playing in?We had originally signed up for HTGN Open but the administrators moved us up to Pro. Initially my whole team was appalled. I guess people failed to realize this really is a completely different team. I talked to Cubswin and told him I didn’t think we were ready for Pro. He explained to me that my girls are good and we are capable of beating many teams in the Pro division. I’m still a little hesitant but recently we scrimmed vs an HTGN Open team and we completely destroyed them. I suppose we will either own or get owned. Hopefully WCL will work out for us next season as well too!Klik hier voor het volledige interview, registratie verplicht Als je geïnteresseerd bent moet je het hele verhaal maar eens op je gemak doorlezen.

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