Gisteren hebben we het eerste interview kunnen lezen van alle teams die meespelen in de ESL Major female League. Vandaag zijn interview deel twee en drie online gezet. In interview twee komen de volgende teams aan het woord:
– [flag]pl[/flag] Wilda.femme
– [flag]gr[/flag] Southpark
– [flag]se[/flag] UnFinished
Hieronder een stukje uit het interview:

Feminaunited: Describe your team players for those of us who don’t know the team that well, and what can we expect from you from this league.
X-Rat3D: my team is a very well promised and we will show you not now but in the future our team’s skills!executrix is very talented person and also DevilGirl!AimiliTsa is our best aimer!violence is our leader and very good organized person and planner in this team!At last me i’m the older player in this team,i have changed many teams in the past so i have i think a little more experience”

Interview drie de volgende teams:
– [flag]es[/flag] Redcode
– [flag]bg[/flag] man1a
– [flag]de[/flag] Alternate aTTax

Een stukje uit het interview:

Feminaunited: Who do you think that will finish top 3 in the league?
aNouC: I don’t really know because I haven’t been following the scene that close, but I’ve seen on iRC some clans looking for pracc since I’m back from the beach. Teams like the ones from Germany been also active playing other online tournaments and have done some summer bootcamps too, so I guess those teams have a huge advantatge now and will probably show some supremacy and a very well prepared teamplay which is always nice to watch. I will surelly follow the HLTV’s too to see how things develope! “

Klik hier om het hele tweede interview te lezen.
Klik hier voor het derde interview.

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